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Friday, 13 September 2013

Last week Sony announced two 4K cameras. Matt Davis asked me to contribute to a video he was making on the prosumer model: the PXW-Z100. As well as having my dainty fingers working in big close ups of the controls, he asked for my perspective as someone who designs videos and animations for motion graphics.


Matt's insight is that 4K will first be used by those with the budgets and control to make it work. This applies to the viewing experience as well as the capturing and production process. This means that 4K will likely be used at conferences and product launches. 4K works as a great video source if your widescreen shows are thousands of pixels wide. If you have the budget for video that wraps around a large audience, that budget includes making the projection perfect.

The other advantages of 4K are the colour depth and the latitude - the range of darkness to brightness that you can capture and show. Also, having so many pixels means you aren't limited to conventional aspect ratios. If your camera can shoot 3840 by 2160, you can choose a wide range of aspect ratios within those pixels to make your active filming area. It is possible that more films and TV shows will start having different scenes or even shots in different aspect ratios - chosen in support of the story. Galaxy Quest, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and The Life of Pi are big films that didn't have a fixed aspect ratio.

To see my fingers caressing the latest camera from Sony and to hear a few comments on 4K, watch the video here:


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