4K: Only the beginning for UK’s Hangman Studios’ Final Cut Pro X productions

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Some think that Final Cut Pro X has problems working with 8K footage. Hangman Studios has been making concert films with this workflow since 2015. There’s a new case study by Ronny Courtens of Lumaforge at fcp.co:

Two years ago I made a conscious decision to get rid of all of my HD cameras. We decided that everything from now on had to be 4K and up.

…our boutique post production services in London are newly designed and built for 8K workflows and high end finishing. Drawing upon 17 years of broadcast post experience we've designed a newer, more simplified and efficient workflow for the new age of broadcast, digital and cinema. We’re completely Mac based running a mix of older MacPro 12-cores (mid 2010) with the newer MacPro (2013) models.

I imagine there’ll be space in their West London studios for at least one new iMac Pro. When Apple gave a sneak preview of Final Cut Pro 10.4 and Motion 5.4 as part of the FCPX Creative Summit at the end of October, they showed in easily running an 8K timeline on a prerelease iMac Pro.

Apple have said that Final Cut Pro X 10.4 will able to support 8K HEVC/H.265 footage on macOS High Sierra. This kind of media is produced by 360º spherical video systems such as the Insta360 Pro. When 10.4 comes out in December, editors will be able to do even more at high resolutions.