Documentary on Apple’s Final Cut Pro X - an echo chamber inside a bubble?

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Off the Tracks is a forthcoming documentary about the launch and adoption of Final Cut Pro X. The first trailer dropped yesterday.

One of the bubbles that some are in is ‘editing software.’ An echo chamber inside that bubble is ‘Final Cut Pro X fans’ - who are a subset of Final Cut Pro X users. I wonder how many non-X editors will be interested in this film. Have the makers made it appealing enough for non Final Cut fans to watch? Or non-editors? Maybe trailer 2 will hint at what their take is. 

There is a chance that they have included lessons that apply outside the #fcpx echo chamber, outside the editing software bubble. That might attract a wider audience.

PS: Fellow bubble-folk: Here is the transcript of my interview with Randy Ubillos, creator of Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro 1.0 and Final Cut Pro X.