Many hours of free Final Cut Pro X videos from Ripple Training

Friday, 05 December 2014

[Updated in June 2017] Since before Final Cut Pro X was launched, Ripple Training have been known to provide the best Final Cut video tutorials. As well as great value training products, they also continue to give away hours of training on YouTube.

Here is my YouTube playlist of almost 200 videos that can be used as a free training course for those starting out with Final Cut. They have been released almost once a week every week since version 10.0.0 was launched.



The user interface of Final Cut changed a great deal with version 10.3, so the playlist starts with Ripple’s lessons on getting started with Final Cut using the new UI and ways of working.

The playlist is then chronological. You'll see the old user interface and old way of organising footage and timelines.

As well as these longer tutorials, Ripple also make tip videos in their weekly 'Final Cut Pro X in under 5 minutes' series. As the information in each video doesn't depend on the previous one, their 'under 5 minutes' YouTube playlist is in reverse chronological order.

These many hours of training are free, but they weren't designed as a carefully constructed programme. If you do watch them you'll have to work harder to put everything together. If you find these videos useful, I strongly suggest that you check out Ripple Training's paid video tutorials. You'll learn all the same information, but the process will be quicker and the knowledge easier to retain.

For the paid training, start with Final Cut Pro X Core Training, then go on to Media Management in Final Cut Pro X. After that, move on to Sound Editing and Color Correction. Then choose tutorials based on your specific needs: Multicam Editing and Warp Speed Editing.

Alternatively, if you already know the Final Cut Pro X basics, use these free videos to learn more about areas of the application you are less certain of.

Ripple also have many free hours of Motion 5 training videos, alongside great paid training courses.

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