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Final Cut Pro X Virtual User Group - August Meeting

Friday, 15 August 2014

In June 2014, Alex Lindsay of Pixel Corps hosted the first Final Cut Pro X Virtual User Group. 

The broadcast was over two hours long and was based around onine questions. As well as having original staging, the hosting page shows what questions were asked, and the playback application can jump to he specific plave where the questions were answered.

The next Final Cut Virtual User Group meeting was on Thursday 15th August. 

Joining Steve Martin and Mark Spencer of Ripple Training this time was Noah Kadner of FCPWORKS, Chris Fenwick of The Final Cut Pro X Grill podcast, and Mike Matzdorff, first assistant editor on Hollywood feature films such as Volcano, Meet Joe Black, Fight Club and Focus.

The show page shows what questions were asked, and you can jump to each answer by clicking them.

The After Show

The after show isn't included on the show page, but there was some interesting talk - including about who Apple listens to when it comes to creating new versions of Final Cut Pro.

Alex Lindsay talked about Apple's take on early versions of Final Cut:

We have this software, and we're going to prove it you can build it on top of QuickTime. Version 2 was ‘How do pound Avid into the ground?’ [...] What I heard was that if Steve [Jobs]'s head had spun around and and fire came out of his eyes they would not have been surprised when he found out about Avid [dropping the Mac and becoming PC only]

Alex went on to describe who Apple turned to when working out what to add to Final Cut 2 and 3. Then the discussion turned to Apple's decision to drop Final Cut Pro 7 and start from scratch and how that affected Apple, Avid and Adobe.

[Update: Although the after show video was available for a short while, the version on the FCVUG page no longer includes it - a previous version of this post suggested that you could watch the after show too] 


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