About Alex

Alex4D.com is a site about Final Cut Pro X, Final Cut plugins and VR video.
Alex4D is an online brand of Alex Gollner.
Alex Gollner has been in visual arts for over twenty years, starting as a graphic designer. In the 90s he designed magazines in London and conferences around the world. In 2001 he became a freelance motion graphics designer, moving into editing as the decade progressed.

In October 2008 he discovered a fault in one of Final Cut Pro 6’s video effects. The bug that made it impossible for many international users to use scrolling text. Many effects in Final Cut at that time were implemented in a Javascript-like scripting language. Alex investigated the language and found a way to fix the text bug. He uploaded a fixed version of the effect to his blog. This was the first of many free Final Cut Pro add-ons he donated to the editing community since then.

In June 2011 he turned his attention to Final Cut Pro X. Since then Alex has made over 60 Alex4D Final Cut Pro X plugins available for free on his old blog and his Alex4D website.
He works as a freelance editor in London, England on projects ranging from dramatic shorts to films for corporations and charities.

To see Alex’ CV and sample work, please email alex4d dot com with inquire before the at.