A Final Cut Pro for Mac plugin that scales up the pixels used to show a 360° without scaling up the content.

Part of Alex4D 360° Effects for Final Cut Pro for Mac: Essential VR video tools for 360° stories.

360° Bulge 4D is in the Distortion category of Alex4D 360° Effects:

Here is what the Final Cut Pro for Mac 360° viewer and the viewer look like when the 360° Bulge 4D effect is applied:


Amount controls how much the clip is distorted.

Radius and Centre controls the size and position of the distortion, which can also be set using the on-screen control.

This effect can work across large areas, but if you make Radius larger than the height of the clip, the effect will not distort the 360° sphere correctly. To see when the distortion is too extreme, turn on Overlays. The colours used in the grid overlay can be changed the Horizon Colour and Grid Colour parameters.