A Final Cut Pro X effect that repeats a flat title or picture stored in a compound clip in a ring of duplicates that can be positioned in 3D space.

Part of Alex4D 360° Effects for Final Cut Pro 10.4: Essential VR video tools for 360° stories.

The 360° Repeat Comp Flat 4D effect shows multiple copies of a compound clip in 3D space. It is designed for normal video, logos and flat titles inside a 360° compound clip.

It works if the flat video, picture or Final Cut Pro title has its 360° Transform disabled.

This is what happens when the flat Far Far Away title is added to a 360° timeline:

Flat titles default to having their 360° Transform disabled in the video inspector:

If you want to repeat flat video or pictures, make sure their 360° Transform is disabled.

Select the clip or clips you want to repeat, and turn them into a new compound clip by doing one of the following

  • Choose the File:New:Compound Clip menu command
  • Control-click the clip or clips and choose New Compound Clip from the context menu
  • Press the Option-G keyboard shortcut

360° Repeat Comp Flat 4D is in the Repeat category of Alex4D 360° Effects:

Here is what the Final Cut Pro 360° viewer and the viewer look like when the 360° Repeat Comp Flat 4D effect is applied to a compound clip containing flat media whose 360° Transform is disabled:


Overlay Repeats sets the number of copies of the overlay the effect is applied to.

Ring Radius sets the size of the ring

Ring Centre sets the position of the ring relative to the viewer. A positive value for Y will position the ring ‘above’ the viewer. Non-zero values for or Z will make the ring position not centred on where the viewer is – some of the ring will be closer to the viewer than the rest.

Repeat Scale sets the scale of each copy. If the Radius of the ring is set to a high value, each copy will seem small in the distance. A high value for Repeat Scale will make each copy larger.

Overlay Tilt ° sets the X-axis rotation of each copy. This is useful if the value of Ring Centre is not 0. If the ring of copies is set to be above the viewer, a positive Source Tilt ° tilts each copy towards the viewer.

Overlay Rotate rotates each copy in the ring.

The next five parameters are for full-screen flat media such as flat built-in Final Cut Pro titles that have content that animates off the edge of the flat screen:

Overlay Scale makes the source clip larger within each copy in the ring – useful if each copy is being cropped.

Horizontal Crop cuts off the left and right edges of the source.

Horizontal Feather softens the edge of the source.

Vertical Crop cuts off the top and bottom edges of the source.

Vertical Feather softens the edge of the source.