A Final Cut Pro X plugin that shows multiple copies of the central longitudes of a 360° clip.

Part of Alex4D 360° Effects for Final Cut Pro 10.4: Essential VR video tools for 360° stories.

360° Repeat Sphere 4D is in the Repeat category of Alex4D 360° Effects:


Here is what the Final Cut Pro 360° viewer and the viewer look like when the 360° Repeat Sphere 4D effect is applied to a full-screen 360° media (including a 360° compound clip):


Repeats sets the number of copies of the clip shown.

Crop Source removes the left and right edges of each copy.

Crop Width sets how much of the copy is cropped off. 100% represents the angle each copy would normally take up. If Repeats is set to 4, then 100% shows 90° of the centre of the clip, 50% shows 45° of the clip. If Repeats is set to 8, then a Crop Width of 100% shows 45° and 50% shows 22.5°. If the source clip has areas of transparency, a crop value above 100% would mean more of each copy will be shown.

Feather Edges softens the edge of each copy.

Tip – Repeating a different part of the sphere

The Reorient panel in the video inspector can be used to change the orientation of the source before the effects are applied.

If Reorient is set so Pan (Y) is set to -35° then the part of the clip that repeated by the 360° Repeat Sphere 4D effect is rotated to the left by 35°:

Which results in this in the Final Cut Pro 360° viewer and viewer:

Tip – Changing the direction of the repeats

The 360° Direction and Tilt 4D effect (found in the Basics category of Alex4D 360° Effects) can be used to rotate the result of the 360° Repeat Sphere 4D effect.

Setting the Direction to 0.25 rotates the result of the previous effects to the right by one quarter of a sphere – 90°.

The order of execution here is

  1. Rorient clip (Pan source by -35°)
  2. 360° Repeat Sphere 4D (Make four copies of source clip)
  3. 360° Direction and Tilt 4D (pan result by 0.25 of a sphere)

The result: