A Final Cut Pro X effect that shows four different views of a 360° clip in a non-360° project.

Part of Alex4D 360° Effects for Final Cut Pro 10.4: Essential VR video tools for 360° stories.

4 Up 360° 4D is in the Flat category of Alex4D 360° Effects:

Here is what the Final Cut Pro viewer looks like when the 4 Up 360° 4D effect is applied to a 360° clip:

The 4 Up 360° 4D effect is designed to work with 360° spherical video clips in non-360° projects. For the effect to work correctly, the 360° clip must have its the Orientation disabled in the video inspector:


The first four parameters control which direction inside the 360° spherical video clip is shown in each ‘camera’. You can choose any of six directions for each Camera:

Overall Scale: Defaults to half the size of the 360° clip the effect is applied to, because when a 4K clip is added to an HD timeline, the clip as a whole is not scaled down to fit the timeline.

Aspect Ratio controls the proportion of the width to the height of the effect result. The default value of 1.78 is a ratio that matches HD.

An Aspect Ratio of 1.0 works for square videos:

An Aspect Ratio of 0.25 works for vertical videos:

The Label Size and Label Background parameters control way the view labels are shown. Set Label Size to 0 to hide the view labels.

The Border, Border Colour and Border Thickness parameters control the way the frames around each view are shown.

Source Scale controls the size of the zoom level of the views. Higher values zoom in, lower values zoom out.