A free Final Cut Pro for Mac transition that blurs and scales clips, simulating a camera with a shallow depth of field changing focus from a one object to a another.

Use it as a transition between shots in a sequence to tie a scene together, and use an alternate transition to signify the end of one scene and the beginning of another.

Uploaded Friday 23 August 2013

This free plugin is for Final Cut Pro for Mac version 10.0.6 and newer (if your version is older, visit this post at blog.alex4d.com).


Thanks to Y-Love and Matt Davis for the use of their interview footage.

It blurs the outgoing clip using a blur that simulates a camera lens, it then scales it up and fades it out as the incoming clip is faded in and blurred less and less as the transition finishes.

You can control the maximum amount of blur and scale. You can also control the point around which the clips are scaled.

Lens blurs are very processor intensive, so there’s also the option to use a faster blur instead.


Slow Blur controls the maximum amount of simulated lens blur applied to the outgoing and incoming clips.

Fast Blur controls the maximum amount of fast blur applied to the outgoing and incoming clips.

You can apply both blurs at once.

Scale controls the maximum size of the clips.

Scale Centre controls location around which the clips are scaled. There is an on-screen control to set these values accurately.

Download the free Alex4D Pull Focus transition plugin for Final Cut Pro for Mac

Click to download the installer:

If when you try to run the installer you get a message stating it can’t be opened “because it was not downloaded from the Mac App Store” – your macOS security preferences are protecting you. To change them, or work around this, visit this post at blog.alex4d.com.

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Once installed, you’ll find it the Alex4D section of the Transitions browser: