A collection of free plugins for Final Cut Pro X that I created for my blog from July 2011 to August 2013.

Each plugin listed here has its own installer. Follow the links to find out more.

My top two old plugins:

Grow-Shrink – Effect that animates a change in scale for a clip. Will scale a clip up or down over the duration of a clip (including transitions if need be)

Sound Only – Cut only transition that crossfades audio between two clips choosing whether the video cuts before, during or after the crossfade

Tip for older versions of Final Cut Pro: Why does my viewer turn blue when I use your new plugin? – Tip for those using to use newer plugins on versions of Final Cut Pro X older than 10.0.6

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Also check out my Alex4D Animation Transitions plugin pack – instant animation using transitions:


Effects – Stylize Plugins

Aged Film – More controls and ‘Bad TV’-style rolling

Bad TV – More controls than the Final Cut Pro X version

Blurs – Six blurs and one sharpen effect:
   Channel Blur – Blur combinations of red, blue, green and alpha channels
   Circle Blur – Blur a circular area
   Compound Blur – This blurs the clip based on values from another clip
   Defocus – Simulates the way clips go out of focus when using a physical camera
   Gradient Blur – Applies a blur gradually between two points
   Soft Focus – Overlays the clip on top of a blurred copy: a ‘fogged lens’ effect
   Unsharp Mask – More controls than standard sharpen effect

CMYK Halftone – simulate close up of magazine or newspaper print

Colour effects – 11 colour control effects
   Brightness – Change overall brightness
   Channel Mixer – Combines colour values from red, gree, blue and alpha channels
   Color Balance – Colour wheels for shadows, midtones and highlights
   Color Reduce – Choose two, three or four colours to keep – with option to chang them
   Contrast – Advanced contrast control
   Gamma – Precise brightness and brightness range control
   Gradient Colorize – Choose a channel to map a range of colours onto
   Levels – Map the darkest and brightest channel values to black and white
   OpenEXR Tone Map – Apply tone maps to OpenEXR encoded content
   YIQ Adjust – Adjust values in the YIQ colour space
   YUV Adjust – Adjust values in the YUV colour space

Distorts – Four distort effects
   Black Hole – Sucks clip into a single point
   Bulge – Pushes a clip out from or into a single point
   Circular Zigzag – A ripple distortion
   Twirl – Twists clips

Extrude – Simulated 3D thickness

Light Rays – shine light from behind the clip

Opacity Gradient – Add areas of colour that fade over clips

Random Tile – replace clip with multiple copies of a selected part of the source

Scale Mosaic – Pixellate with control over scale of elements used in each pixel  

Sparks – Adds animated stars and spark particles

Tile – Offset clips, scale, rotate, distort and skew tiles

Effects – Animation Plugins

Curves – Adds Final Cut Pro 7-style animation curve controls
   Curve X – Controls X position
   Curve Y – Controls Y position
   Curve Rotation – Rotate around a point of your choice
   Curve Scale – Scale aroud a point of your choice
   Curve Trim H – Crop the left or right edge of a clip
   Curve Trim V – Crop the top or bottom edge of a clip

Grow-Shrink – Animates a change in scale for a clip

Rotate XYZ – Rotates clips in three dimensions

Rotate + Extrude – Rotates clips in three dimensions and adds simulated 3D thickness

Smooth Move – Defines a start and finish position, scale and rotation for clip content with controls for how the clip moves from start to finish

Effects – Compositing Plugins

4 Up – Display four clips on the same screen, or switch between them

Adjustment Layer – Any effects or transformations you apply to this title will be applied to all timeline clips below

Fade In Out – Fades a clip in and out

Letterbox – Add black bars to show many aspect ratios, portrait was well as landscape – Oct 2012 

Luma Include – Choose which parts of clips are transparent based on brightness values

Magic Lantern HDR – Composition controls for resolving HDR clips generated by Magic Lantern on Canon SLRs – Dec 2012 – New effect for 10.0.6 and newer

Mask+ – Define 4, 8 or 16 points of a mask with animation control over scale, rotate and perspective distortion

Time Remap – More control over clip retiming with Final Cut Pro 7-style editable retiming graph  – New version for 10.0.6 and newer – March 2013

Shadow – Adds external or internal shadows

Trim – With differing values for feathering for each edge

Widescreen Matte – Add black bars to show many aspect ratios, portrait was well as landscape

Generator Plugins

Shape Grid – draw a grid of circles or squares with animating colours

Title Plugins

Basic – Keyframable – A title with many parameters you can animate using keyframes

Interface 2037 – A title effect that simulates computer interface from ‘Alien’ movie

Leaves  – letters blow onto and off screen

Text Box – Choose two points to define corners of a text box, fill and blur the box

Ticker+ – Title for horizontally scrolling news feeds 

Zoom Four – Zooms between a series of four texts

Transition Plugins

Concentric – Draws the incoming clip as a series of concentric shapes

Cross Dissolve start and end on edit – For those missing the Final Cut Pro 7 option of transitions that start or finish at the edit point

Dip to Background – A transition that shows a colour, another clip or transparency between two clips

Freeze – Freezes the outgoing or incoming clip

Inset  – shutters close in on outgoing clips and open showing incoming clips

Premonition – A transition that intercuts frames from the incoming clip with frames from the outgoing clip

Ribbon – Splits the outgoing clip into two parts and stretches the pixels in between into a horizontal ribbon – new in February 2013

Sound Only – Crossfade audio transition between two clips choosing whether the video cuts before, during or after the crossfade