Apple’s 2019 Mac Pro: New features only part of secret to success

Soon after the previous version of the Mac Pro was launched in 2013, pro users were already hoping for Apple to release a perfect replacement. Over on Medium I’ve written a post on why their go-to-market strategy will be vital to its success:

How will 2019 Mac Pro hardware, software and services will be sold and supported? If they answer remains ‘Apple will do it,’ the new computer may have failed already.


Apple have stated that the forthcoming Mac Pro will have a ‘modular’ design. Modularity is seen as being a way of defining a ‘pro’ piece of hardware. Modularity applies to pro software and pro services too. The kind of flexibility that each professional industry category expects. For example, scientific researchers won’t invest in hardware tuned to the needs of high-end TV and film post-production industry.

The botched launch of Final Cut Pro X in 2011 was decried by many who had ‘bet their businesses’ on Final Cut Pro 7. There were many people who had spent a lot of money and time on delivering video, TV and film using Final Cut. The workflows they had developed, the video cards they had invested in and the time they had spent becoming experts was now associated with a system that had no future.

Many missed what also made the 2013 Mac Pro not suited for professionals: a lack of third-party ecosystem to support professionals using the hardware.

20th May 2019

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