Generate centre-cutout guides for ARRI shoots using free online tool

The highest resolution most feature films and high-end TV shows need to be delivered in is 4K – 4096 by 2304. That doesn’t mean there aren’t benefits to shooting at higher resolutions.

The advantage of using cameras such as the ARRI 65 is that 6K allows for reframing in post. The camera operator can shoot with a very loose frame knowing that editors can choose which part of the 6K frame to include in the 4K master. Also VFX can benefit from the pixels from outside the visible frame.

In order to make sure a 6K camera is being operated so that the 4K area of interest is framed correctly, it is useful to have a frame guide in the camera. ARRI have a free tool that generates these frame guides so that they can be shown on set:

You can choose which ARRI camera that is planned to be to used on your shoot and choose which guides you want to show centre cutout. In this case the 6560×3100 ARRI 65 has guides for 5K and 4K framing (based on a 2.39:1 aspect ratio).

These guides are useful in post, so the tool can also generate transparent PNGs that can be used in the production and post production workflow.

Try out the ARRI Frameline Composer on the ARRI website.

19th November 2017

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