Adobe and its people win Oscars

Congratulations to Adobe and their people for being awarded two Oscars: For Adobe After Effects and Photoshop. The Academy announcement:

To David Simons, Daniel Wilk, James Acquavella, Michael Natkin and David Cotter for the design and development of the Adobe After Effects software for motion graphics.


To Thomas Knoll and John Knoll for the original architecture, design and development, and to Mark Hamburg for his continued development and engineering of Adobe Photoshop.

I started out on my journey to post production via After Effects 3.1 many years ago. It was only after ‘editing’ a three minute video with 120 shots in AE that I realised it was time to learn a proper video editing application. Easier than only being allowed to have one shot per layer!

Other winners announced today include people from PIX System, Cinema4D, Silhouette and the Medusa Performance Capture System.

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