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Apple’s ProApps team should get their heads into the Cloud

For post production, Apple might be able to infiltrate media organisations via everyone except the post-production team. At some point when writers, researchers, producers and directors ask why the work they’ve already done in Final Cut needs to be transferred to a ‘professional system like Avid (or Premiere)’ — post people won’t be able to come up with a good enough argument.

‘New video distribution models mean new video creation tools

Post tools — be they high-end editing applications or free online services — will need to be able to create stories made of clouds of video, audio, graphics, effects, pictures and transitions. Each of the main video and audio post-production tools are at different points on the path towards being able to do this. They are limited by history, user interface metaphor and ability to deliver.

Apple have great plans for Macs, which don’t include turning them into giant iPhones

I don’t think Apple will make touchscreen Macs — specially ones with large screens. Direct manipulation of a UI much larger than an iPad Pro for hours on end is a choice between aching arms (screen in front of you) or aching neck (screen at an angle comfortable enough for your arms).

Good News: No More Wireless Networking Products from Apple

Why is this good news? The engineers in these teams are now free to do more distinctive things. Obviously Apple thinks that there is not much they can add to these products in coming years. They’re leaving these mature markets to others.

Now video editors can use the macOS Finder like a media database

I was lucky enough to be presenting at the 2016 FCPX Creative Summit a month ago when Benjamin Brodbeck came up to me with a problem. He works at Caterpillar Inc. and has a team of over 30 editors and assistants working on videos being shot and edited all over the world.

They constantly need to make films covering specific regions, models of equipment and categories of engineering project. Categorising footage is very important. A film featuring forest equipment being used in China can’t feature a shot of the wrong piece of equipment, or one taken in the wrong country.

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