Amazon launches Rekognition Video content tagging for third-party applications

Amazon have announced an content recognition service that developers can use to add features to their video applications, Streaming Media reports:

Rekognition Video is able to track people across videos, detect activities, and identify faces and objects. Celebrity identification is built in. It identifies faces even if they’re only partially in view, provides automatic tagging for locations and objects (such as beach, sun, or child), and tracks multiple people at once. The service goes beyond basic object identification, using context to provide richer information. The service is available today.

The videos need to be hosted in or streamed via Amazon S3 storage.

Apple are unlikely to incorporate Amazon Rekognition Video in their video applications and services. Luckily the Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere ecosystems allow third-party developers to create tools that use this service. Post tools makers can then concentrate on integrating their workflow with their NLE while Amazon invest in improving the machine learning they can apply to video.

30th November 2017

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