Amsterdam Supermeet 2015

Time is running out to get your tickets for the Amsterdam Supermeet being held on Sunday 13th September to coincide with the 2015 IBC trade fair.

These days people expect to find out all they need to know through internet research. That way means they miss out on the personal touch. Trade fairs and public meetings like this mean you can ask tough questions of people who should know the answers. You also share the corridors, stands and social gatherings with people like you – who you can learn from immediately and keep in touch with for future opportunities.

You may be lucky enough to be close enough to a post production user group meeting where you can share and learn with others. The Supermeet is organised in conjunction with the Creative Pro User Group Network:

Creative Pro User Group (CPUG) Network SuperMeets are networking gatherings of Final Cut, Adobe, Avid and Autodesk editors, gurus and digital filmmakers from throughout the world who use or want to learn to use Macintosh-based collaborative workflows and solutions. SuperMeets started as a grassroots movement to connect Apple FCP editors at a local level. Now in its thirteenth year, the producers behind the SuperMeets have harnessed the energy of local chapters globally and turned SuperMeets into the industry’s most influential user-organized series of global events.

Last year’s keynote speakers were Maryann Brandon and Mary Jo Markey, the editors of Star Wars Episode VII. This year previous speaker Walter Murch returns.

As well as presentations and networking, in the tradition of old-school user group meetings there is also a large raffle which has so many prizes that attendees have a good chance of winning; each entry ticket includes two raffle tickets.

Disclosure: The organisers asked me to be a media sponsor, so in return for writing about the event, they link to me from their site and I get a free ticket.

To save €5 on tickets, click below, when you order via Eventbrite, click the ‘Enter promotional code’ text above the Order Now button and enter ‘SUPERMEET’

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