Apple collaborating with YouTubers: To promote what?

MacRumors reports that Apple is in talks with popular YouTube channels to involve them in a big promotional campaign:

Although their styles don’t mesh together, Apple could be creating a new ad campaign, possibly for the upcoming “iPhone 6s” and “iPhone 6s Plus,” that centers on creatives from YouTube using the company’s new products as the main tools for shooting, editing, and publishing content for their channel.

I don’t think MacRumors understands what YouTubers could do for the Apple brand.

YouTubers are much more likely to be talking about what Apple products and services do for their lives and for their friends and family. They have audiences that trust them, so it is a matter of whether they want to deliver those audiences to Apple.

If YouTubers do talk about how Apple products aid YouTube production, they’ll be promoting how good the iPhone and iPad cameras are, but it is unlikely they’ll revert to using iMovie on iOS. Most YouTubers are too invested in editing and publishing their content using iMovie and Final Cut Pro X running on the Mac.

Apple is promoting the idea that a picture that any iPhone or iPad user might be used in an international advertising campaign. Doing the same for video is much harder because video is harder to make work in different contexts than single images. A step on the way to making it easier will be making iMovie used much more as a matter of course after shooting video on an iPhone. That means building up the iMovie/Final Cut Pro combined ecosystem, which could be good news for millions of potential film makers.

24th August 2015

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