AppleCare Professional Video Support no longer a separate service

UPDATE: The previous version of this post said that Apple have discontinued AppleCare Professional Video support. In fact support for video, audio and Xsan is still available as part of AppleCare OS Support. They are no longer available as standalone products.

Perhaps Apple weren’t getting much takeup of their Video, Audio and Xsan support services as individual products. Hopefully they want to encourage third parties to establish services based on specific areas of expertise.

Old price of AppleCare Pro Video Support: $799/year. Price for AppleCare OS Support starts at $5,995/year.

Good news for FCPWORKS in LA and NMR in London?

(August 13 update: Sam Mestman of FCPWORKS has responded to this post)

Here’s the original version of this post for reference:

Apple has removed references to its AppleCare Professional Video Support service from its website. Also Professional Audio and Xsan Support are gone.

Here’s how the Video Support product was described:

AppleCare Professional Video Support is perfect whether you are editing HD video, or designing motion graphics. Because Apple builds the entire video editing solution — from hardware to software to the operating system — one phone call to AppleCare can address most of your technical needs, providing integrated support that you can’t get anywhere else.

It’s product page is now missing. Here is the archive copy made by the Internet Archive WayBackMachine on Wednesday 6th August.

Other professional AppleCare services are still available. On Wednesday that page also linked to Professional Video, Audio and Xsan support.

Video, Audio and Xsan AppleCare Pro products are no longer available on the online Apple Store (Archive).

Interesting move for Apple. 

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