Apple presenting at FCP EXPO in Amsterdam in September has linked to an announcement from Soho Editors that they are hosting an ‘FCP EXPO’ in Amsterdam during IBC on September 12th and 13th:

Each day will start with a presentation from Apple marketing on Final Cut Pro X, followed by expert presentations and exhibits from Soho Editors, FCPWORKS and our partners with a special emphasis on multi user installations and workflows.

We will be showcasing the latest software, products, workflows, case histories and third party partner solutions.

If you work in broadcast, feature film, corporate or educational media institutions, this is the place to learn more.

Interesting that Apple once again are appearing in public presenting Final Cut Pro X to professionals. It seems that after the March LA event, the FCPWORKS NAB 2015 suite and their presentation as part of the 2015 FCPX Creative Summit, nothing bad happened.

If Apple don’t instigate heavy security on those with cameraphones ane computers, that’ll be another sign that they are lightening up – although previous restrictions were probably due to footage rights issues.

Another sign that Apple’s Pro Apps marketing is able to engage more with the wider community than before.

I wonder what they’ll do next?

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