To the Apple Silicon Mac Pro and Beyond

In case you missed it, I wrote about how Apple might transition the Mac to Apple Silicon over the next 18 months over on As well as replacing or discontinuing all current Intel-based Macs, Apple have the opportunity to make new Macs for new price points and new markets.

  • Apple likes to keep Macs at the same price points over the years. This means the extra power the M-series SoCs will provide more Mac at the same price. Not new Macs with the same power at lower price points.
  • I suggest that a new industrial design for iMacs could include a transparent bezel – like the outer edge of the screen used in the 2004 iMac. Wide enough for users to be able to grip the edge to turn the screen vertical:
  • The limits to how fast the transition will take place. Not all Macs will transition this Summer – which Macs will be last.
  • A new opportunity for Apple in education:

Hundreds of dollars below that $899 education price, Chromebook tablets and laptops prices start at $269. I expect that schools will hope to allocate $300-$350 to buying each tablet plus keyboard or laptop. At this level, computers for education have 4GB of slow RAM and 32GB of slow SSD storage.

  • If Apple wants to seriously compete in education market, what would a new M1E-based Mac be like?
  • 4 CPU cores (including at least two high-performance cores)
  • 4 GPU cores
  • 4GB of fast RAM
  • 64GB of fast SSD storage
  • No screen
  • No keyboard
  • Single USB port for keyboard/mouse
  • HDMI port for display
  • Separate power port
  • $250
  • New Mac price points and form factors:

As Apple are likely to using a small variety of M-series SoCs at any one time, in a larger range of enclosures (13-inch, 14-inch, 16-inch, mini, iMac and Mac Pro), eventually Macs might also be available in additional enclosures:

  • 11-inch MacBook Air/Pro
  • 18-inch MacBook Pro
  • 16-inch iMac
  • 40-inch iMac
  • Mac Pro mini – a smaller version of the Mac Pro
  • Mac nano – the smallest ‘hockey puck’ Mac that can contain an M-series SoC, for those who think a Mac mini is much too big
  • Mac Pi – a tiny circuit board-only Mac version of the Raspberry Pi computer that is used in education and embedded systems

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