Atomos CEO interview on ProRes RAW

REDSHARK have captured an exclusive video with Jeromy Young, the CEO of Atomos to get their take on ProRes RAW. Thanks to Charles Wren for the link.

Here are a few excerpts from the 17 minute interview:

He said that Atomos supporting ProRes RAW is the culmination of years of work. Atomos aim to supply 80% of the market – ARRI have the top-end cinema workflow sorted. They see it as their task to take best of that workflow and make it for everyone else.

Although Atomos could capture 4K60 from the RAW output of the Sony FS5…

…we couldn’t do it justice when we went to ProRes. It was the right solution for 10 years ago.

We approached Apple and asked would you guys be interested in giving us a standard to go to.

CinemaDNG is about individual frames…

With ProRes RAW we’re dealing with a whole video package that has metadata in it that the application can read that you can apply and transform each pixel into video to see in whatever way you want.

Jeromy believes that individual camera makers will produce plugins that run in NLEs that will make the most of the ProRes RAW that was recorded by their cameras.

The ProRes RAW software for the Shogun Inferno and the Sumo 19 will be a free update. Because ProRes RAW file sizes are much smaller than CinemaDNG, Atomos devices can remain with SATA storage even when recording 4K60.

He also discusses whether NLEs other than Final Cut Pro X will support ProRes RAW and how Atomos’ market aligns with Final Cut.

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