Soon: More audio timelines that can automatically be modified to match changes in video timelines

In many video editing workflows, assistant have the thankless task of making special versions of timelines that generate files for others in postproduction. A special timeline for VFX people. A special timeline for colour. A special timeline for exporting for broadcast. A special timeline for audio. Transferring timelines to other departments is called ‘doing turnovers.’

Final Cut Pro X is the professional video editing application that automates the most turnovers. It seems that Apple want to stop the need for special timelines to be created. Special timelines that can go out of sync if the main picture edit changes. Final Cut video and audio roles mean that turnovers for broadcast no longer require special timelines.

The Vordio application aims to make the manual audio reconform process go away. At the moment problems arise when video timelines change once the audio team start work one their version of the timeline. Sound editors, designers and mixers can do a great deal of work on a film and then be told that there have been changes to the picture edit.

What’s new? What’s moved? What has been deleted?

Vordio offers audio autoreconform. That’s if (when) the picture timeline changes Vordio looks at the NLE-made changes and produces a change list that can be applied to the audio timeline in the DAW. It currently does this with Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere timelines. If the sound team have already made changes in Reaper (a popular alternative to ProTools) and they need to know what changes have since been made to the video edit, Vordio can make changes to the audio timeline that reflect the new video edit. This includes labelling new clips, clips that have moved and showing which clips have been deleted.

It looks like Vordio will soon work with other DAWs by using the Hammerspoon UI scripting toolkit.

StudioOne is a useful DAW that has a free version.

I expect timeline autoreconform come to all timelines. To get a preview of what it could be like, check out Vordio.

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