BBC evaluating iOS ARkit for mobile apps

The BBC is looking for an AR agency to collaborate in developing a mobile application to augment the launch of a big new TV series in Spring 2018:

We are looking to create an Augmented Reality (AR) experience in association with the Civilisations television broadcast (Spring 2018). We’d like a mobile application that allows the audience to bring objects from the programme into their homes – we’d like to do this using through-camera, marker less tracking to let the audience inspect and experience the objects in the comfort of their own living room. In addition to the objects themselves we’d like to provide the audience with exclusive audio and text content around these objects.

  • We’d like to use this as an opportunity to evaluate the state-of-play of solutions like Apple’s ARKit, Vuforia and OpenCV.
  • A system whereby approved content can be categorised or curated based on episodic content, overarching themes, geographic location or personal interest.
  • A system whereby institutions can integrate and publish new content to the app.

We want both the App and the content framework to be built with extensibility in mind – we want the ability to add different types of content in the future, or use the framework to power a geolocated app.

The TV show is in a similar scale to programmes such as “Life on Earth” and “Planet Earth.” It aims to cover the history of art, architecture and philosophy:

BBC Civilisations is a re-imagining of the landmark history series Civilisation. Where the original series focussed on the influence of Western art, this new series will expand to include civilisations from Asia to the Americas, Africa as well as Europe. The series will be complemented by other programming across the BBC’s platforms and will include innovative digital content which will be made working in collaboration with the UK’s museum sector.

Imagine what kind of objects and environments could be overlaid into people’s lives using AR. The link to museums would allow AR content to be unlocked on visits to specific locations in the UK.

ARkit is a new featuring coming iOS 11 later this year. It allows recent iPhones and iPads to overlay 3D content over the live camera view so that rendered objects and environments align with real spaces.

If you are part of an agency that might be able deliver this kind of application and associated content management system, apply now – the deadline is tomorrow evening.

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