BBC TV production change could mean more workflow stories

Proponents of Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere are frustrated when editors of high-end TV and features say “I don’t know anyone who doesn’t use Avid.”

We value case studies showing what alternative applications can do. In the UK, the BBC is not allowed to publicise its workflows – used on TV shows that are world-famous – because being cubically-funded it is not allowed to promote one commercial supplier over others. All we can do is gather indirect information, such as tweets by those working with and for the BBC:

The flow of BBC production stories may increase soon: they are moving the majority of their TV production to a commercial division on April 29. This is the way commercial TV in the UK and elsewhere works. In a year ‘BBC Studios’ will also make shows for other broadcasters and networks.

If I was promoting Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere workflows, I’d start preparing case studies now.

10th March 2016

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