Which digital cameras are cinema-ready? See for yourself at the Digital Cinema Festival

Next Wednesday I’ll be attending The Movie Machine Digital Cinema Festival in London.


Movie Machine‘s Rick Young set up this event to test whether camera manufacturers and post production workflow professionals are telling the truth when they say their favourite system is feature film ready.

‘Cinema-quality’ is more than the number of raw pixels in a camera sensor, there’s nothing like seeing footage being projected in a real cinema.

The Digital Cinema Festival is made up of two parts. Presentations where experts will get everyone up to speed with the state of digital cinema art from a technical and practical point of view. These presentations are interspersed with screenings of best short films submitted to the Digital Cinema Festival competition. Although they will show the technical quality of digital cinema, the judges are defining ‘the best’ in terms of content: quality of the story and storytelling ability. I’m happy to say that I’m one of the competition judges.

The varied agenda covers cameras from RED, Blackmagic Design, Canon and Sony and a large varety of software tools. Another important element is a generous 30 minute interval which will give festival goers the chance to share stories, learn from each other and plan future projects.

Tickets are limited, so invite some friends and join us at the Festival on Wednesday in London.

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