Editors: Know your movie cameras

“Which camera do you think we should use?”

Up until RED disrupted traditional film cameras, editors didn’t need to know too much about the devices that captured the footage they edited.

Now it is important to know about camera sensors, capture data rate, codec, bit depth and latitude.

Comparing camera sensor sizes: APS-C/Super 35/APC-H/35mm Full Frame

Camera field of view: The effect of sensor size on field of view

How much hard drive storage will you need for ARRI, RED, Sony or Phantom cameras? Also includes information on resolution, frame rates, bit depth, latitide and typical daily rental rate.

The Cinematography Mailing List evaluated the CION, ARRI AMIRA, ARRI ALEXA, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, Blackmagic URSA, Digital Bolex, Canon C500, Sony F65, Varicam, RED DRAGON in January 2015.

10th February 2015

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16th February 2015

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