FCP.co supremo Peter Wiggins interview

Peter Wiggins, the power behind fcp.co * – the best independent Final Cut Pro X website and plugin makers Idustrial Revolution is the latest guest in the new ‘Lunch with Philip and Greg’ video podcast:

Peter Wiggins [38:46]: A year after Final Cut Pro X came out, I compared it to a Forumla 1 racing car. It could go very fast, but it couldn’t turn left. They invented a chassis that can go very fast. What they’ve done in the four years they’ve built the thing up so it can go really fast. Yes you can come off at the corner – there are gotchas – but compared with the other NLEs, they’ve put a turbocharger on, trying to make their old one go faster, but there’s a limit and it won’t go any faster.

* – when I first discovered this site in 2011, I was surprised that Colombia was a big enough market to host a Final Cut website. Oops.

28th July 2015

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29th July 2015

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