How non-pros see Final Cut Pro X

As most video editing applications are bought by non-professionals, developers need to consider their needs.

When I say ‘non-professionals’ I mean people that don’t say that a good proportion of their income comes from being a video editor – even if they use video editing to tell stories.

To get some perspective on how others see Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere and iMovie, here are a couple of YouTube videos.

In the first GeekaWhat compares NLEs from the point of view of someone who makes gameplay videos. Although the visuals aren’t relevent, what he says is interesting:

I get a lot of requests for videos like this: “What is the best video editing software if you are an aspiring gaming YouTuber” […]

Final Cut Pro X is probably the easiest to learn with an iMovie-type feel and with all the added functionality of the higher end – for $200 it should have all that you need.

That’s just his first point of measurement: the UI. Listen in for much more.

In the second, Gabrielle Marie shows YouTubers the difference between iMovie and Final Cut Pro X, and at what stage they should buy Final Cut.

Remember that as well as Adobe, Avid and Apple paying attention to Twitter and Facebook editing communities, they should also be watching Instagram, Snapchat (Stories) and YouTube to see how the next generation see their software.

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