Final Cut Pro X update coming soon?

Today Apple released iMovie 10.1.10 for macOS and iMovie 2.2.6 for iOS. This gives us a clue that there will be a Final Cut Pro X update soon.

As I discovered in 2013, iMovie for macOS and Final Cut Pro X are the same core application with variations for a starter editor user interface and an experienced editor user interface. This means that iMovie and Final Cut Pro X updates usually happen within days of each other. Bugs fixed in the the core that they share mean that if they are fixed in iMovie, they are fixed in Final Cut Pro X.

Here is what Apple says about iMovie 10.1.10 for macOS:

  • Removes the option to share video files directly to Facebook
  • Adds a new Prepare for Facebook option which exports a Facebook-compatible video file to your system, which you can manually upload to the Facebook website
  • Improves overall stability

Final Cut Pro X is often updated on the same day as iMovie. If an update is coming it is likely that Apple are delaying the release until Friday of next week. That is the day the Video Applications team is hosting a presentation at the Town Hall room in the 1 Infinite Loop building in Cupertino. The presentation is part of the 2018 FCPX Creative Summit.

I wish I could be there.


The question is whether the update will be a point release to version 10.4.4 or a big release to version 10.5. 10.3 was released at the 2016 FCPX Creative Summit and 10.4 was released at the 2017 FCPX Creative Summit. Also remember that just because the version number might not increase, the features introduced in point release could be very useful. Even if the feature list is short in a point release, you never know if changes to the application that aren’t reflected in new user features could be paving the way for third-party tools to make the Final Cut ecosystem even better.

It’s just a version number. Earlier this year saw a big point release when 10.4.1 introduced some big features: Closed captions, enhanced export and ProRes RAW.

We will find out in 10 days!

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