Logic Pro X 10.2 update includes direct share to Apple Music Connect

The headline feature of today’s 10.2 update for Logic Pro X is Alchemy – ‘the ultimate sample manipulation synthesizer.’

The more intresting one for other post professionals is the ability to export audio productions directly to an Apple Music Connect account.

Imagine if future versions of Final Cut Pro X or iMovie had an equivalent feature: ‘Share directly to Apple Video Connect.’

Alchemy updates to Apple’s audio applications comes in the wake of their acquistion of Camel Audio earlier this year. Ars Technica has more on what this adds:

For those not familiar, Alchemy is a sample-based synthesizer, similar to Logic’s existing EXS24. This differs slightly from a traditional analogue synthesizer, in that instead of generating a raw square wave or a saw wave and using filters and other tools to manipulate it, a sample-based synth uses a recorded sound or instrument as the basis for manipulation. The new version of Alchemy comes bundled with around 14GB of audio samples, which are used in over 3000 presets, and 300 Logic patches.

25th August 2015

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