Logic Pro X 10.3: It’s new iCloud feature would be big for Final Cut Pro X

Logic Pro X 10.3 is out. Alongside Touch Bar and other UI improvements, there’s an ProApp feature that should interest Final Cut Pro X users: Syncing with Garageband for iOS via iCloud. According to 9to5 Mac:

Tap a button in Logic Pro X and your whole project will now be sent to iCloud as a single reference track. That allows you to open up Garageband on your iPhone or iPad and continue working on the project in a way that doesn’t require you to upload heavyweight session files or bounce and pass around your own audio files in email or elsewhere. Once you add some new tracks in Garageband, the project will be synced back to iCloud ready for you to continue working in Logic Pro when you get back to the studio.

iCloud doesn’t quite have the storage for a similar service for Final Cut users. However a ‘Share with iMovie for iOS via iCloud Proxies’ feature would be useful in many workflows.

Imagine the following message you could send ‘Here’s the latest edit. Open it on iMovie on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. The timeline will link to the media in the cloud. You can roll the edit points a second or so in each direction, and change clip metadata. If you need to, you can also change effect/transition/title/generator settings and modify markers and keywords. Send me your version when you are ready.’

30th November 2016

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