Lunch with Philip and Greg: Alex Gollner

As part of my recent trip to California in June, I took part in a new video podcast: Lunch with Philip and Greg.

When I started I wasn’t sure of how the show worked, so monopolised the ‘conversation’ and talked pretty quickly. I talked about my first Final Cut plugin, my most complex Final Cut Classic plugin.

I pontificated on 4K, HDR, 360º video, this blog, Pat Inhofer’s Tao of Color blog and newsletter, why Final Cut Pro X plugins shouldn’t be as complex as Motion.

If you want to skip the autobiography section, start 10 minutes in!

After a while Philip and Greg get a few words in edgeways. Watch us talk for an hour about the state of play for post production plugins and much more…

3rd August 2015

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5th August 2015

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