Maxed-out 2013 Mac Pro Price: ‘$9,200’



The Canadian price for the most expensive build to order Mac Pro will be CN$9,700. That’s $9,160, £5,600, €6,700 at current exchange rates. This is according to a post by Marcus Moore, a reliable long-standing member of the forum:

I just chatted with an Apple business rep. Considering what the individual components cost, and what some of the estimates were, I’m SHOCKED at how good the pricing is.

A MAXED OUT MacPro- 1TB SSD, 64GB RAM, D700s, and 12-core CPU is… CN$9,700.

I also had him price out a 8-core with the 500GB SSD- and that was CN$7,700.

Although many Mac users would find these prices shocking, ‘pro users’ are likely to be pleasantly surprised. A few weeks ago Unbox Therapy calculated that an ‘Ultimate Mac Pro’ would price out to around $14,000.

Here’s how these possible prices compare with the current Mac Pro configurations:

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