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Apple Motion 5: November 2021 tutorial roundup

Here’s a roundup of what happened in the world of Motion 5 – Apple’s $50 real-time motion graphics application – during November 2021:

Motion 5: A Deep Dive into USDZ and How to Create a 3D Template for Final Cut Pro

Robin Kurz of POST-PROfessionals spends 14 minutes going into detail on how to work with 3D models in Motion 5. Topics he covers:

  • What is USDZ?
  • Importing USDZ Models
  • Creating a Final Cut Template
  • Where can I find content?
  • Limitations
  • Alternatives and Resources
  • Apple’s Reality Converter

This video (like all the videos on their channel) is also available in German.

How to Create a Walking Upstairs Animation – Apple Motion 5 Tutorial

In this 70 minute video, Simple Video Making shows how to make an animation loop of characters climbing stairs – inspired by scenes from the ‘Squid Game’ TV show. As well as showing all the stages of building the animation, the 24 frames per second project is available via a link in the video description.

Paper Airplane Animation – Apple Motion Tutorial

Simple Video Making show how to make an animation of a paper plane follow a path of your choice in Motion 5.

  • Motion Path behavior
  • Keyframing speed
  • Snap Alignment to Motion behavior
  • Keyframing shape points
  • Drawing lines on and off

How To Make MKBHD’s Intro • Apple Motion 5

In this 22 minute tutorial, The Final Cut Bro shows how to make his version of the intro used by YouTuber MKBHD. Topics he covers include

  • Replicators
  • Distortion filters
  • Using a noise generator as an image mask
  • Using behaviors to modify parameters
  • Using groups as image masks

Make your screenshots 3D using Apple Motion

In this nine minute video, The Final Cut Pro shows how to use Motion 5 make a Final Cut Pro Title that allows you to position screenshot elements in 3D space and animate them on and off the screen.

Apple Motion 5 Crash Course

This 72 minute introduction to Motion 5 from MJW Media Studios shows how to use to make titles and generators for Final Cut Pro and to make animations for use in other video editing software.

Topics include:

  • Creating a Final Cut Pro title
  • Instantly adding animations using text behaviors
  • Creating a social media generator
  • Working with keyframes
  • Choosing which Motion controls are available to editors in Final Cut

Apple Motion: Landing Snow Tutorial

This 30 minute advanced Apple Motion 5 tutorial from Motion guru Simon Ubsdell shows how you can make snowflakes land on objects or text of your choice. The video description includes a link to the media assets used in the Motion project that he builds.

  • Assigning a texture to your text
  • Make 2D text seem like 3D
  • Make it seem that snow has already settled on text
  • Using a replicator to make snowflakes positioned based on an image
  • Using a Sequence behavior to animate the snowflakes
  • Working with 3D cameras to use parallax to create depth

Making Logos 3D in Apple Motion

Jenn Jager shows how to take a 2D logo and extrude it in Motion 5 so that it can be animated in 3D – without having to build a custom USDZ 3D model.

19th October 2021

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