Coming soon: Apple post production workflow lab in Culver City, Los Angeles

It’s good news and bad news for users of Apple’s high-end Macs. The good news: they are going to set up a ‘Pro Workflow’ lab. The bad news: they didn’t do this years ago!

Apple watchers suspect that up until earlier this year, the plan was that the introduction of the iMac Pro would mark the end of the 2013 Mac Pro – or any kind of standalone high-end Mac. The new plan is to make a Mac Pro replacement, which was described as coming eventually, but “will not ship this year.”

The news about a new Apple Pro Workflow Lab based in Culver City, Los Angeles County, comes from a new Apple job description for a ‘Pro Workflow Expert’ position.

They are looking for someone with experience combining multiple high-end post production applications, hardware and computers together to produce professional content:

  • A minimum of 7+ years of experience developing professional content using video and photo editing and/or 3D animation on Macs and/orMac, PC and/or Linux systems.
  • Deep knowledge of one or more key professional content creation tools such as Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Creative Cloud tool suite, Flame, Maya, Mari, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, and other industry leading tools. An understanding of the entire workflow from generating and importing content, editing, effects, playback and distribution is required.
  • Basic knowledge of required 3rd party hardware such as cameras, control surfaces, I/O, display, storage, etc. for various workflows
  • Knowledge of relevant plug-ins typically used for various aspects of pro workflows

The Macintosh System Architecture team wants someone to

Set up a lab with necessary equipment for relevant workflows for instrumentation and analysis, including desktops, notebooks and iPads.

Work with key developers to thoroughly comprehend all aspects of various pro workflows, applications, plug-ins, add-on hardware, and infrastructures.

Ensure relevant workflows are understood and thoroughly documented and work with technical marketing to ensure definitions correspond to customer usage cases.

Identify performance and functional issues with each workflow and work with architecture team to for detailed micro-architecture analysis.

Good news for those who think that Apple is only ‘the iPhone company’ who will never take small niche markets like high-end production seriously.

6 years late?

It is a pity that this lab wasn’t set up during the development of the Mac Pro in the years before its 2013 launch. At least the new lab will include ‘desktops, notebooks and iPads’ – that implies not just Mac Pros, iMacs and MacBook Pros but PCs and mobile PCs.

Have the relevant experience and want to work with cool Apple folk in Culver City? Real high-end post production skills? Apply for the job today!

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