VR jobs at Apple: July 2017

There are a number of positions available at Apple in July 2017 whose job descriptions mention VR.

VR hardware

IMG CoreMedia VR Pipeline Engineer

The Interactive Media Group (IMG) provides the media and graphics foundation across all of Apple’s innovative products, including iPhone, AppleTV, Apple Watch, iPad, iPod, Macs as well as professional and consumer applications from Final Cut to iTunes and iWork.

  • Strong coding skills in C with ARM on embedded platforms
  • 2+ years experience developing and debugging large software systems
  • Direct experience with implementing and/or designing VR or 360 video playback systems

The role requires the ability to help design, build and troubleshoot media services for playback and export.

Spatial Audio Software Engineer

  • Key Advantage : Experience with audio software subsystems including DAWs, Game Audio Engines including Unreal, Unity and/or audio middleware for game and AR/VR applications.
  • Experience with Spatial audio formats (Atmos, HOA etc) is desirable.
  • Experience with Metal and general working of GPU systems.
  • Experience with SIMD, writing highly optimized audio algorithms

What would be in VR file format?

IMG – CoreMedia VR File Format Engineer

  • Proven experience with Audio/Video components of a media software system
  • Direct experience with implementing and/or designing media file formats
  • Experience with VR and 360 video

Interesting that Apple feel the need for a VR file format. I wonder what will make Apple’s VR file format stand out? It will probably be able to be recorded/encoded on iOS and macOS. I wonder if will also work on tvOS and watchOS. If it doesn’t work on non-Apple hardware, it could be part of an Apple plan for technological lock-in.

VR marketing

Creative Technologist

As a member of Apple’s Interactive Team, the Creative Technologist is responsible for driving innovation that enhances and enlivens the marketing of Apple’s products and services. This role requires collaboration with the design, UX, motion graphics, film/video, 3D, and development groups across Apple’s Marcom group.

  • Developing interactive prototypes in order to conceptualize and develop innovative approaches for Apple marketing initiatives.
  • Experience with Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Experience with Unity/Unreal and AR/VR development is a plus.
  • Motion graphics and 3D software (AfterEffects, Maya) skills.

It’s a pity Apple Marketing doesn’t require knowledge of Apple’s motion graphics application.

Route-to-Market Mgr, WW In-Store Channel Digital Experience

The Route-to-Market Manager, WW In-Store Channel Digital Experience, is responsible for driving and executing all digital marketing communications as related to in-store Apple-led branded product presentation and campaigns.

  • Detailed knowledge of digital experience technologies – including but not limited to, on-device engagement tactics, digital content development, app development, beaconing, AR/VR, etc.

Using VR to make Apple products

Also a job requirement shows that Apple are using VR simulations to design power systems:

Senior Electromagnetics Analyst

  • Engineer will also need to do fundamental analyses and run SPICE simulations for VR conversion.

SPICE is a system that takes circuit designs and simulates specific results given specific inputs. 30 years ago it was a command-line based UNIX tool. Now Apple engineers are using VR to look around inside their hardware designs.

If you choose to apply for any of these jobs, good luck. Tell them Alex Gollner sent you!

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