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April 2012

Digital Production Buzz

I talked to Larry Jordan about how I came to create plugins for Final Cut Pro and how things changed when Final Cut Pro X came along. Thanks to Michael Horton of the LA Creative Pro User Group for getting me on the air!

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January 2013

Moviola Digital Filmmakers Podcast: Creating Final Cut Pro X Effects Using Apple Motion 5

After presenting one of four webinars for Moviola, I answered a few questions on making Final Cut plugins.


June 2013

Going POSTal

While attending the London SuperMeet featuring Tom Rolf, I said a few words during Ben Barden’s coverage of the event.


August 2013

Go Creative Show 004: Pure Logic

On the release of Logic Pro X, I talked to host Ben Consoli about what the update means for Final Cut Pro X users.

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October 2013

Go Creative Show 014: Hi Larry

I covered the announcement of the radically different Mac Pro.

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November 2013

FCPX Grill 004: Reading the FCPX Tea Leaves

I talked to host Chris Fenwick about the (then) future version of Final Cut Pro X hidden inside a new version of iMovie.

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December 2013

FCPX Grill 008: FCPX 10.1 Mini Intro

Chris and I discuss our initial impressions of Final Cut’s biggest update.

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February 2014

FCPX Grill 022: Homegrown Plugins

We discuss unreported features of Final Cut Pro X 10.1 and go into detail on plugin development.

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July 2014

FCPX Grill 061: How Pro is Pro?

As Apple hardly communicate with traditional post production market, I talk to Chris about how Apple concentrates on different aspects of Final Cut for each release – in order to guess what Apple might update next.

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November 2014

FCPX Grill 095: Let’s Talk Motion

Chris Fenwick, a long-time Adobe After Effects designer, interviewed me about Motion, Apple’s motion graphics production application.

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FCPX Grill 100: An Incredible Year

I was part of a round-table of past and future guests celebrating 100 episodes of the Grill.

10th November 2014

New ClipExporter 2: Final Cut Pro X export to After Effects and Nuke

1st December 2014

Light Rays a4d plugin