The post production customer journey – needs, not wants

Message for the post production industry – feeding feature film and TV industry inertia has a limited shelf-life. There’s a lot of mileage in storage management and talking up the cloud to maintain your old model, but eventually there will be a new model.

Many TV shows and feature films are the story of the protagonist discovering their need vs. want they want.

What does post production say they want? What do they really need?

Haven’t needs moved on since 2008?

This tweet from business and government strategist Simon Wardley isn’t about the post industry. The sad thing is that the post industry isn’t even at the stage of ignoring the user needs. I don’t get the impression suppliers even know what people in post need.

Creeping features like 10-bit, 8K and HDR are (sort of) wants. Wants that the current model can be stretched to deliver – for more margin and to feed the inertia.

Show me some insight into the future of storytelling technology. Or don’t – those who replace you will.

15th November 2018

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