Recent updates to my Alex4D Facebook page

I’ve been adding of links and articles to my public Final Cut Pro X page on Facebook. Here are links to some of them:

26 July: A 360° film I shot on a Kodak PixPro SP360 4K Rig:

It shows a pilot and principal scientist Professor Alex Rogers taking a submersible from the #BaslineExplorer, the Nekton Mission deep ocean research ship, down to the Atlantic ocean floor 30 miles off the coast of Bermuda

10 August: Another 360° film:

The rule with VR video: keep the camera still. We made this with a 360 camera attached to a speeding boat criss-crossing the ocean while the crew recovers a research submersible after a dive into the deep ocean.

18 August: Apple’s ‘multi-ranges in a clip’ patent:

It patents a way of selecting and showing multiple ranges within the same clip […] Part of the description of a way multiple ranges don’t yet work in Final Cut

19 August: Apple patent hints they’ve been thinking of expanding the use of roles:

Many want a roles-based mixer and effects system in the next update. This patent awarded to Apple earlier this year should give them hope.

20 August: Tutorial on exporting Final Cut timelines for delivery to broadcasters – including a link to the UK standard:

How do you send specific channels in your audio mix to channels in your output file in Final Cut Pro X? Adam Schoales shows you how.

23 August: How Apple’s culture determines how they compete

Apple, Adobe and Avid seem to compete in the world of post production, but their cultures are so incompatible as for there to be no real competition.

26 August: There’ll be Final Cut Pro X special event at IBC in Amsterdam

I’ve giving a presentation on shooting, stitching, editing, adding graphics to and distributing VR Video using Final Cut Pro X. I will also be in the demo area on Saturday and Sunday to answer your 360 video production questions.

29 August: An article comparing Apple and Google might also apply to Apple in the post production world:

If Apple update Final Cut Pro X to version 10.3 later this year, I hope Final Cut moves from a primarily interdependent architecture to a primarily modular architecture.

29 August: Want to only transcode the media used in a specific project?

Useful if you have a few hours of 360° 4K clips, but you only need to generate proxy versions of clips you’ve selected in a project for editing on a slower Mac.

30 August: Join me at the Amsterdam Supermeet:

IBC – the biggest European video trade fair – has many stands for those for shoot and post produce video. Sadly it also has very many stands that are of no interest to the same people.

The great thing about the Amsterdam SuperMeet is that all you need is concentrated in one evening of presentations, prizes and people.

1 September: Editors make Hacktintoshes while they wait for upgraded Macs:

The idea behind a Heckintosh is that you get a Mac configured exactly the way you want using standard PC parts for much less than Apple charge.

In practice, the time it takes to build and maintain your cobbled together computer obviates the price advantage – but you can get exactly the Mac you want

6 September: Adobe has beaten Apple when it comes to collaborative editing:

Big Adobe Premiere Pro news: Team Projects – the ability to share timelines between editors.

7 September: The Apple ProApps team have a vacancy:

The Apple Professional Apps Design group is looking to employ a ‘Video Applications Product Designer’

9 September: Additional information about Adobe Premiere’s Team Projects feature

Although some would call the implementation clunky, it is only competing with Avid’s ancient (but battle-tested) bin-locking alternative.

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