The Final Cut Pro & Motion event you haven’t heard of

Many in the Final Cut Pro and Motion community (bubble?) bemoan the fact that Apple aren’t out there promoting our favourite applications. They don’t have stands at trade fairs and they don’t seem to put on professional events any more – not even in Hollywood.

Alongside many, I missed that Apple is doing publicly doing something for their video applications. There is an event at the end of this month in Los Angeles: Vlog University with iJustine:

Vlog University is a 2-day training conference designed to provide professional training for those interested in building or enhancing their online channels.

What has this to do with Apple?

  • Just below the top menu of the website, it says “With Support from Apple”
  • ‘Final Cut Pro X’ is a supporting partner
  • Although Sony and Blackmagic are exhibitors, most of the technical production sessions feature Apple products:
    • ‘From Mobile to Desktop: Unlocking the power of iMovie for fast turn-around editing’
    • ‘Editing with the “Pro”: Tips and Tricks for the Self-Taught Editors on Final Cut Pro X’
    • ‘Professional Motion Graphics for $50? Impossible? Meet Apple Motion’
    • ‘Wide, Square, and Vertical: Maximizing Your Impact – How to Quickly Reformat for FB, IG, and Other Services Regardless of Shape or Size’ – using responsive templates designed in Motion 5 for Final Cut Pro
    • ‘Creating Animated Photos Using mPuppet Plugins’ – MotionVFX products for Motion and Final Cut Pro
    • ‘Speeding up your YouTube video creation process with drag & drop plugins’ made by MotionVFX for Motion and Final Cut Pro

Although this isn’t the ‘Force Hollywood to use Final Cut for all productions’ event we might like, it shows that Apple is looking outwards instead of keeping the chocolate factory doors closed between software updates.

‘Vlog Creative Summit’

It seems like a version of the FCPX Creative Summit with industry-specific sessions – this time for those who want to use polished video on social media. Vlog University is being produced by Future Media Conferences – who have put on the FCPX Creative Summit since it started 5 years ago.

If this event turns out to be a success from Apple’s point of view, I wonder if will pave the way for more industry-specific Final Cut Pro events. For the same audience in other countries, and for different audiences in the USA.

The advantage of starting with social media folk is that they know that they don’t know all there is to know. The trick with other markets is appealing to people who think they know enough to do their work. Maybe if you have the right idea for an event, Apple will support you.

Business Video University anyone? Documentary Production University? Let’s hope events like these will be coming to a country near you soon!

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