The end of public advertising

How much would you pay for all advertising to be removed from your view as you go about your daily life? All is it needs is the ability to interpolate what advertsing covers up, and replace all advertising with that.

This TechCrunch article buries the lede:

Facebook buys computer vision startup focused on adding objects to video

Adding objects to video isn’t as hard as removing objects, Facebook has bought a company that has that technology:

Facebook has acquired a German company called Fayteq that builds software add-ons for video editing that can remove and add whole objects from captured video using computer vision

My emphasis.

Facebook also have a company that makes glasses you can wear to run the software.

I would guess that Apple and others will also develop such software to run on their AR devices. Once a majority of people won’t be able to see shared public advertising, how long until it is no longer put up?

8th August 2017

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20th August 2017

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