Apple introduces a tiny hint of collaboration to iMovie for iOS

Yesterday Apple updated iMovie for iOS and macOS. There’s one new feature in the iOS version which could set Apple’s video tools on the path to collaboration.

  • iOS version adds green screen keying from macOS version
  • Adjust the green screen effect with a 4-point mask and strength slider
  • iOS version adds 80 new soundtracks
  • Overlay still images with transparent backgrounds
  • Both versions tidy up video sharing on iCloud Photos
  • Collaboration-wise, ClassKit support lets students deliver video assignments to teachers using the Schoolwork app

ClassKit and collaboration

I don’t know how much of iMovie for iOS is ClassKit compatible, but ClassKit has interesting features for developers to integrate into iOS apps:

  • Define and Display Assignable Content “When a student taps an assigned activity in Schoolwork, they are taken directly to the corresponding content in your app.”
  • Report Student Progress “The progress information your app can report includes time spent, start and end timers, percentage of completion…”

ClassKit and Schoolwork are built with student privacy in mind. Schoolwork only receives and displays student progress data for activities a teacher explicitly assigns, and only when students use the Managed Apple ID that was created for them by their school on their device

Could the ‘Define and Display Assignable Content’ feature could help a feedback note show exactly the timecode it is referring to.

I wonder if Apple’s eventual workgroup collaboration features will involve using Managed AppleID for participants, and tools for a team member to administer membership of groups. Last week’s WWDC mentioned managed AppleID for business in a forthcoming update to Apple Business Manager. I’ll keep a look out for more information from Apple.

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