Not why you should switch to Final Cut…

…but why one production company – Mystery Box – changed to Final Cut after 8 years with Adobe. Chris Workman writes…

Mystery Box started on Apple’s Final Cut 7 and changed to Adobe Premiere in 2011 as we found it was the closest match in tool set and UI to Final Cut 7. After 8 years of streamlining workflows and building muscle memory, last year Mystery Box made the decision to jump the Adobe ship and make FCPX our NLE of choice.

Acknowledging recently announced updates from Adobe, Avid and Blackmagic:

Every year companies make huge improvements in software development. At NAB 2019 both Avid and Blackmagic announced major changes to their NLEs, with some very promising features patterned after Final Cut X’s organization.


We have experienced the power of metadata media organization, and there is no going back. We can’t say what NLE we will be on in the years to come, but it will definitely have to compete with FCPX’s keyword workflow. Nothing else compares, at the moment.

Go over to the Mystery Box site to learn in detail what makes them stick with Final Cut Pro X.

17th May 2019

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